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101 Things to See and Do in Faro

Compiled by the staff at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.

Summer Activities

  1. Get informed at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre, coffee is always on.
  2. Take your best shot on the challenging 9 hole golf course.
  3. Walk the winding trail to Van Gorder Creek at the Arboretum and see the local color.
  4. Try your luck fishing at the many nearby lakes and rivers.
  5. Make a splash at the Faro Pool.
  6. Have fun in the sun at the Fish Eye Lake Day Use Area.
  7. Watch Sandhill cranes fly over in May and October.
  8. Bring your boat to one of the many beautiful lakes near town.
  9. Rough it at a nearby campground or...
  10. Relax at a cozy Bed and Breakfast.
  11. Look at or buy local artwork on display at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.
  12. Frolic at the Faro Fireweed Festival.
  13. Decorate your bike for the Canada Day Parade.
  14. Check out the breath taking scenery from the top of Mt. Mye and Rose Mountain.
  15. Learn about local flora and fauna at the most northern Arboretum in Canada.
  16. Embark on a multi day trek on the Dena Cho Trail between Faro and Ross River.
  17. Explore the numerous trails around town on foot, bike or ATV; you supply your feet and local businesses will be happy to provide the rest.
  18. Set anchor at the John Connolly RV Park.
  19. Come play or just cheer others on at the Effy Croft Memorial Slo-Pitch Tournament in June.
  20. Join the Interpretive Centre staff on a guided tour to view Faro's Fannin's sheep.
  21. Paddle the white rapids of the Pelly River.
  22. Play a rousing game of croquet, horseshoes, or bocce at the Interpretive Centre.
  23. Get your Yukon Gold Passport stamped and get a limited edition pin at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.
  24. Visit the Crane & Sheep Festival in May
  25. Attend a wildlife presentation at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.
  26. Sign out the golf clubs at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.
  27. Pan for gold in any of the many creeks around Faro.
  28. Work out with the Faro Flying Dolphins swim team.
  29. See salmon spawn at Blind Creek in August.
  30. Browse through "The Gallery" and find yourself a nice piece of Art or Craft.
  31. Swing, slide, or just sit at any one of our five playgrounds.
  32. Watch "The Mountain of Everything" - Faro's informative video, or many other videos, at the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre.
  33. Save that appetite for the free Wild Meat BBQ's hosted at the CRIC.
  34. Explore the untouched island in Fish Eye Lake.
  35. Hike one of the mountain trails or scale a difficult rock face near town.
  36. Construct your very own unique chair with willows growing all over the place.
  37. Do some exercises on the outside equipment close to the CRIC.
  38. Rate for yourself a winner of "Communities in Bloom" for the Yukon.
  39. Visit the Mount Mye Sheep Viewing Station.
  40. Check out the handy work of the Town Gardener.
  41. Go on bird watching hikes with a checklist available at the Interpretive Centre
  42. Take a drive along the Campbell highway towards Ross River and look for evidence of the freshly discovered dinosaur tracks.
  43. Join jam sessions, hunting and fishing stories, or just munch on marshmallows, roasted wieners, or s'mores at our ongoing Fire Side Chats.
  44. Take an adventurous canoe trip down the Pelly River from Ross River to Faro.
  45. Rockhound through the sediments near Van Gorder Falls.
  46. Examine the statue in front of the Interpretive Centre. How many animals can you spot?
  47. Check out Fannin's sheep tracks or horn markings on trees at the Van Gorder Falls.
  48. Pick some cranberries, blueberries, or wild strawberries, on various shrubs around town.
  49. Keep Faro beautiful by visiting the Faro Recycling Depot.

Winter Activities

  1. Ice fish at any of our local lakes.
  2. Snowmobile our endless trails.
  3. Sled or snowboard on the sledding hill located at the Effy Croft Memorial Park.
  4. Cross-country ski through a winter wonderland.
  5. View the stars away from the lights of the city at the Fingers Site
  6. Play hockey or just skate around at the Father Pierre Rigaud Arena.
  7. Challenge someone to a game of Squash.
  8. Watch the northern lights illuminate the northern sky.
  9. Find out just how cold it really is by getting a weather report from the Faro Airport.
  10. Kick winter in the teeth at Ice Worm Squirm in March.
  11. Try your luck at winter golfing.
  12. Snowshoe the surrounding powdery rolling hills.
  13. Partake in, or just watch locals dog-sled through the winding winter trails.
  14. Practice your winter survival skills by building a lean-to or a snow quinzee.
  15. Check out the snowboarding competition, and many other events, at the Effy Croft Memorial Park during the annual Ice Worm Squirm.
  16. Taste test the food at the concession at the Father Pierre Rigaud Arena during weekly figure skating and hockey games.
  17. Participate in, or just cheer, at the annual Old Timers Hockey Tournament, where teams come from all over the Yukon.
  18. Shovel a spot and skate around on one of the many lakes in the area.
  19. Support Faro's team as they prepare to compete in the Community Challenge during Rendezvous in Whitehorse in February.

Year Round Activities

  1. Hike to the beautiful Van Gorda Falls.
  2. Peep at the sheep at the Blind Creek viewing station.
  3. Hang out in the Youth Lounge at the Recreation Centre.
  4. Go after some big or small game in the wildlife rich environment.
  5. Rent the squash court at the Recreation Centre.
  6. Climb aboard the fully restored 65 ton haul truck, recovered from the mine site.
  7. Stock up on Faro souvenirs.
  8. View the wildlife at the Fingers Site near town.
  9. Attend a local church service.
  10. Pump some iron at the weight room in the Recreation Centre.
  11. Drive up to the old Faro mine site.
  12. Sample the best food in town at the Studio Restaurant.
  13. Roast marshmallows, wieners, and s'mores at the Gazebo near the ball diamonds.
  14. Get some reading material or surf the net at the Faro Public Library.
  15. Tour the many houses for sale.
  16. Align yourself with the Tai Chi group.
  17. Strike a claim in the mineral rich area of Faro.
  18. Get your heart racing at the Recreation Centre's exciting array of cardio activities.
  19. Taste-test the best drinking water in the Yukon.
  20. Snap a shot of the unique scenery in the Pelly River region.
  21. Have a picnic at one of the sites in town or find your own lunch locale.
  22. Marvel at the majestic Tintina Trench.
  23. Look at the famous Faro website www.faro.ca
  24. Visit local artists for a free studio tour to learn how they make their masterpieces.
  25. Soak up some knowledge at the new Yukon College Faro Campus
  26. Scout for evidence of the 1969 forest fire that destroyed the sprouting town.
  27. Check out old copies of Faro's newspaper the Raven at our local library.
  28. Buy a copy of Madmen and Dreamers and read up on Faro's history and stories by Faroites.

Please contact the Campbell Region Interpretive Centre for more information as some events are subject to change.

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