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The Town of Faro - Tourism - Yukon, Canada

The Town of Faro is tucked away in a mountainous setting in the Tintina Valley, in the overwhelming wilderness of the Campbell Region between the Hess Mountains and the Pelly Mountains, in the Central-South Eastern Region of the Yukon.

A tranquil place where visitors and prospective residents alike find a warm welcome and old-fashioned hospitality. Its abundance of clear blue lakes, mountain ranges, winding rivers and lush green valleys make the Faro Region a year-round playground for the outdoor sports enthusiast.

Faro is an ideal base for wildlife viewing, as it is situated in one of the most densely concentrated wildlife areas in North America.Map for Faro - Town of Faro - Real Estate - Yukon, Canada

The community of Faro offers a lifestyle that has attracted people from all around the globe, and some of them now call Faro home. This community of free-spirited individuals, entrepreneurs and artists continues to create new opportunities and enhance their community. The well-developed municipal infrastructure of Faro is complemented with an affordable housing market situation. Faro offers a wide range of opportunities for individuals looking for that special place to settle down or to have a great holiday.

We invite you to visit our remarkable Town and its surroundings, and encourage you to browse our website and learn about the many possibilities the Faro Region has to offer.



Faro, Yukon - Tourism - Yukon Canada

The 15th Annual Crane & Sheep Festival is May 4th to 6th, 2018. Check out the schedule of events!

Faro has a new Zoning Bylaw. This important planning document has been over three years in the making.

The Town of Faro is offering residential properties for sale that were recently acquired by the town for tax arrears. See the list of properties available for sale and make an offer!

The 2018 Faro Guide is now in production! If you would like to advertise or receive a copy, please contact admin-faro@faroyukon.ca!

Download the 2017 Faro Guide

Focus on Faro is Faro's monthly newsletter. Read the latest edition.

Council packages are now available under
Council Meeting Schedule and Council Packages

The Father Pierre Rigaud Arena renovation is underway!


The Mountain of Everything

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